Sunday, 13 February 2011

large Pack On Sale Now !

A brand Mini Bergen/Day sack that was field tested recently to extremes and has passed with flying colours....

This has been designed with body armour in mind. Extra long ergonomic shoulder straps are  approx 60cm (24") in length and 7cm (2.5") wide and lined with spacer fabric which helps spread the load evenly .

These lengths allow it to be worn over some the bulkiest armour out today.

The back panel is left plain a free from air mesh due to the user wearing armour.

Removable sternum strap is fitted and will help keep the pack comfortable across the shoulders with heavy loads.

A classic design on steroids that's super tough. Awesome when you want to carry Bergen size loads without overloading your traditional 'bulging' day sack! The Pack features a draw cord snow chute with opening for bladder tubes or antenna.

Key design features are the very short back but wider stance (18"x 13" X12") (46cm x 33cm x 350cm )allowing massive load carrying but greater head clearance etc. This means you can lay in the prone position quickly without removing it or the pack hanging off you as run if worn on one shoulder!

Another new feature is the simplified and practical "reversed" lid straps which if left unsecured will hang to the base but not drag round your ankles in the mud like a traditional pack, it also makes locating the straps in the dark easy!

Internally, the back system has a removable HDPE frame that helps spread the load . Inside also has an area to hols a 3 ltr bladder. On the outside the pack also features loops to allow a 50mm waist belt to be attached if required (available as part of the Accessories Pack).

As mentioned earlier, I personally field tested this pack fully loaded and felt the pack was part of me, it spread the load evenly and I didn't need to waste time thinking of how best to pack it, I could just 'load and forget'.

The M.O.L.L.E. on the front, lid and sides of the pack allow for multiple combinations of external pockets.

As usual we can make this in DPM, Multicam and add or delete any features you require (some mods may cost extra).

Product Testing Our Very Own

Here you can clearly see the ITW Nexus Buckle taking the full weight of our Gymnast !

Our Large Pack shoulder straps taking the full force