Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The DELF Belt !

Concept Becomes Reality !

Here is one hell of a Belt kit ! I'm sure you will agree ,with so many features we had to take photos of them all other wise it would be a very long list.
A very detailed drawing was submitted by the customer detailing his exact requirements ,each one was meticulously thought out and discussed with us to identify the best solution to the problem.
The customer could not achieve this with his issue setup so came to us for a custom solution.
(You may be thinking that was the hard work done for us ! Oh how your wrong :)

We where more than happy to help solve his problems as custom “One Off’s”  is what we like!
The customer also sent us some images of his crippling encounter with grass seeds! These as you can see got stuck  in the spacer mesh that lined his civi’ walking shoes.
He did not want the usual mesh lining on the yoke as he didn’t want to have the same debilitating problem while crawling through undergrowth in his new webbing.

Our solution was simple ,we mealy lined the yoke in a 4oz waterproof nylon  
Another major detail was wearing the belt kit on the hips and having the maximum space at the front of the body so when lying in the prone you can access all your pouches this positioning on the hips also allows for full leg articulation for kneeling and running .

Conversely the customer  wanted the back to be as free as possible allowing for a Bergen when tabbing  and to be able to  quickly jump into a vehicle and drive it without taking off his webbing .

This belt then becomes more of a split front chest rig while driving and allows access to all the pouches while in a seated position.
A Velcro tab keeps all the excess webbing neat and out the way of the steering wheel.

Next up was ammo pouch issues ,triple ammo pouches are fine when all 3 are in there snug but as soon as you remove one and place it on the rifle you  have 2 rattling around it the pouch it becomes rather annoying after a while.
Our solution was a simple webbing strap and ladder lock buckle ,elastic was discussed but the long life of the webbing won through over the shorter life span of elastic.
shown with 3 mags in pouch
 A single Mag held firmly in place synched up with the webbing strap.

On the ammo side a large 5inch wide pouch was requested for times when larger items need carrying ,this could pose a problem when only carrying a water bottle in it ,so an internal  divider was requested to be fitted this can be fitted in 2 positions via velcro on the front edge of the pouch , this will then  take up the space around the bottle and hold it firmly in the pouch . This creates a small area for other items to be stored MO.L.L.E  loops where provided to add some security should a speed loader or KFS be fitted inside the pouch.

Here are some other angles that are pretty self explanatory to give you a feel for the other features not spoken about above .

A few pics of it being warn in the driving seat of a Landrover Defender

Materials used:-

Genuine  Multicam Woven webbing (much better than the printed stuff that wears out )
ITW NEXUS surface mount buckles and hardwear.
1000D and 500D Multicam Cordura
US-Mil Spec Bonded Nylon thread

 Thanks for taking the time to view  !

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